Within each milestone should be a detailed list including the submission deadline, the art assets expected and the programming assets expected. It should also include a short paragraph explaining the general expected progress of the project at that time.

Milestone 1: DONE

movement basics

Due: Tuesday at midnight

Have a tank object be able to move forwards and backwards and have a smaller sniper object be able to move on top of the first, constrained by a bounding box within the tank object. The sniper's movement should be the tanks movement + the snipers movement.

Milestone 2:

AI and combat basics

Due: Friday at midnight

Have an intermittent stream of enemies that approach the tank (implement spawn points). the sniper object should be able to preform basic aiming and shooting and will have to hit the enemies twice to kill them (implement health and damage). The tank object should be able to kill them in a matter of half a second (causing damage really quickly) by activating a drill or kill them instantly by driving over them but they should just stop in front of the tank if the tank isn't moving or attacking.

Milestone 3:

load art assets and add terrain.

Due: Saturday at midnight

Any filler assets should be replaced with some content by now. Also implement the foundation for animation sequences. Add varying heights to the level so the tank rises and falls as it goes and make the levels longer than just for test purposes.

the tank's drill should be able to cut through destructible pieces of terrain and should do so faster if the drill button is tapped faster.

Milestone 4:

Enemies fight back, switch roles and lose state.

Due: Sunday at midnight

The players should be able to press a button to switch roles. By now there should be two additional kinds of enemy aside from the fodder, 1 that strictly attacks the sniper from the air and causes damage and another that latches onto the tank and causes damage. Both pilot and sniper should be able to die. If one dies then the game ends.

A basic HUD should display both players health, the tank's health, and the current job each player is preforming (pilot or sniper). It could also display the amount of mineral harvested so far.

Milestone 5:

More mechanics and effects

Due: Tuesday at midnight

The tank should be able to crouch and jump and there should be terrain that requires them to do this. The sniper should be able to duck for cover on the platform.
The player in the pilot seat should heal over time.

2d particle system should add immersive visualizations.

Milestone 6:

Boss Battle and win state

Due: Friday before presentation

there should be a big creature that must be defeated. It should/throw large rocks that must be drilled through, and knock rocks from the ceiling that must be avoided. It should shoot dangerous lasers horizontally that must be jumped over or ducked under. After it is defeated run a brief game end and then load the scoring sheet for the level.

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