Olympic Break Game Sprint


Saturday, Feb. 27:The game sprint is over. Submissions will be posted here soon!

Friday, Feb. 12: The theme has been announced! and it is…


do anything related to the number four. 4 characters? 4 worlds? $2^2$? Have fun with it. Take some time, be creative.

Event Overview

During the two week Olympic break we are going to announce a theme and everyone who wants to participate can create and submit 'something' based around it. That 'something' could be anything related to game development and if you don't like the theme you don't need to follow it. All we ask is that it is related to game development. You do not need to spend the whole two weeks working on something, it could be a small project. Near the end of the break we will setup a presentation where we will gather and share what we did.

Be creative and take risks!

Important dates

  • Friday February 12 - Event officially starts.
  • TBA - Party & presentation


Team: Lanz Singbeil, Joel, Shane Morrin, Shae

Description: We will be working with one or two non-SFU students who have artistic backgrounds from the art institute. Our goal is to produce a fully playable game, at least at the prototype stage, by the end of the two week break. The game will be in 2d with pre-rendered images and animations done by our artists. It is an opportunity for them to showcase some of their abilities for prospective jobs and for us to learn a lot more about XNA or Flash programming in the context of a game project (depending on what we choose to use).

Fruit War

Team: Eric Raue, Brooklyn Hillman, Jesse Kim, Jun Ying, Mark Laframboise

Description: Fruit War is a multiplayer turn-based, physics-oriented strategy game, in a similar vein as Scorched Earth and Worms. Players take turns planting slingshot trees and firing fruit at their enemies. The first player to destroy all opposing trees wins! During the break we implemented a lot of features and completed the project.

Shadow Mapping Demo

Team:Ryan Bujnowicz

Description: Shadow mapping is a real-time rendering technique for creating realistic shadows in 3D scenes. Implementation is in C++ and OpenGL.


Team: Shawn Yu

Description: Creating a game design (story, gameplay mechanics, etc.), along with a working demo of some levels using Game Maker.

Blind Fores

Team: Alexander Ryan

Description: Creating a game design pitch based on the theme, a pun, and multiplayer. The original essence of the game was based around a joke of blind men on a golf course, which the golf course notion was from another interpretation of "four", "fore". While starting with the notion of four blind men swinging golf balls at each other, and attempting to dodge incoming balls, this evolved to the idea of an actual golf course, with a twist - golfers stayed on the course, and could get hit by incoming balls, gaining a stroke if hit (Hence some incentive to aim away from the primary goal, as the opponent could move, but then they lose sight of their ball). During the discussion, it was discussed that perhaps only one person at a time had access to the view of the map at a time - everyone else would be shooting blindly, or following that person's initiative - presuming they knew who it was. Could use revision, but will hopefully develop more into an actual game.


Team: Daniel O' Connnor

Description: Closer started as a single game project, but since the Development meeting, is now going to be split up into separate games, all existing within the same universe. The design document has not been edited to reflect this change, but I will certainly be working on it ASAP. All and any are welcome to critique, discuss and join in on the development of the ideas presented in the documents.

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