Summer 2011 Game Showcase

We showed off the projects that we have been working on. We also had a special guest show off his board game: an elementary school student that Lanz and Eric were mentoring in board game design.


Spring 2011 Boardgame Jamboree

We made boardgames in less than 24 hours and playtested them. The focus was on design over art.


Fall 2010 Merry Olde Game Jam

We held a 48 hour game jam around the themes: hallucinations, underwater world, insignificance, hobo slice of life.


Summer 2010 Tabletop Game Jam

We made tabletop games in less than 24 hours. The two games we made were Ultimate Siege and Smugglez.


Blender 3D tutorial

Lanz Singbeil shared his knowledge of Blender and taught people how to create landscapes and model simple objects.


Spring 2010 Olympic Break Sprint

During the Vancouver Olympics 2010, students had a one week break from classes and we used that time to make games. After the break we shared our results.


Game Developers Conference Canada 2009

This was the first year the Game Developers Conference came to Canada. A few of our members attended the Game Career Seminar and some volunteered.


Summer 2009 Tabletop Game Design

Our first ever tabletop game design competition. We made three different games in less than 24 hours. Cryodream, a cooperative space travel game; Fruit Bar, a political game where you try to win the most states; and Super Wizard Adventures.


Spring 2009 48 hour Game Jam

Inspired by the IGDA's Global Game Jam, we decided to hold our own 48 hour competition. Participants creates games from scratch around the theme "if there is no environment where will we do things?"


Spring 2008 24 Hour Programming Competition

The club's first ever competition. We tried to make games in 24 hours. The theme of the competition was "non-sequitur," which means "it does not logically follow."



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