Club Projects

These projects are developed directly by the club. Anyone in the club can join and contribute to these projects and we often discuss ideas related to these projects at our meetings.

Oculus Rift Horror Game
A horror game in Unity making use of the Oculus Rift. In-Progress.

Steampunk CCG
A collectable card game inspired by aspects of the Steampunk genre.

Multiplayer Asteroids Space Shooter (MASS)
A multiplayer space shooter game inspired by the classic game asteroids.

unity.png Unity Game Collection
A collection of games targeting the web and iOS platform.

Members Projects

This is a list of projects created by our members. They are in varying stages of completion with some being finished projects and others being works in progress. They are listed in chronological order with the newest at the top.

catch.png Catch
A game of catch on a small spherical planet. Created during the 2012 Global Game Jam. Made by Eric Raue and team.

rpge.png RPG Elements Game Engine (C#/XNA)
A 2D RPG game engine with features such as interactive and console based editing, day/night/season system, lighting, complex NPC behavior/interaction, etc. Made by jordan-fox.

biggerfish-title-thumb.jpg Bigger Fish
A multiplayer underwater action game created during a 48 hour competition. Made by Cody Church, Alex Lorimer and Eric Raue.

tactics.png Tactics Game Engine (C#/XNA)
A turn based "tactics" strategy game written in C# using XNA. Made by jordan-fox.

gameplay3-thumb.PNG World 2
play as the gods of the earth trying to rebuild it after it is destroyed. Made by Kristin Kobayashi, Shane Morin, Samppa Raski, Eric Raue, and Lanz Singbeil

cpf.png Crazy Party Fight (C#/XNA)
A party battling game with built in level and character creators. Made by jordan-fox.

evs.jpg Evil Genius VS Spies
Evil Genius VS Spies is an asymmetric card game with gameplay that focuses on the spatial relationships between cards. Made by a team of students for IAT 410 including GDC member Eric Raue.

wordworks.jpg Wordworks
A fast paced and challenging word finding game made by Scott Inglis and Samantha Derochie.

run.jpg Lanz's Blender Kirby Game
A game using the Blender 3D game engine inspired by classic 2D Kirby games. Made by Lanz Singbeil

justins_ge.png Justin's 20 Day Game Engine
An RPG game engine created to learn how to use C++ and Direct X. Made by Justin

Platformer-Look.jpg Side Scroller Action Game
A side scrolling platformer game. Made by Colin Cove, Karl Reifenstein and Alannah Darnel

rocketblocks.jpg Rocket Blocks
A block matching puzzle game by Scott Inglis.

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