9.08 - Public Transit Art Thief

Idea for July 28, 2010


You are a thief who must use public transit in order to steal items. Why must public transit be used? The character is only active during the day, transit is overall faster than a car or other personal transport in this particular city, and the cctv coverage is less.

Theme: Thief using public transit

includes topics that expand on the theme

  • strangers asking for directions
  • being late
  • modes of transportation (trains/bus/planes/walk)
  • traffic changes
  • maps
  • transit schedules
  • multiple routes
  • unexpected events
  • misinformation


individual gameplay systems and mechanics categorized by system

  • Player
    • inspect things like bus schedules
    • pick up items
    • talk to people
    • basic punch/kick
  • Organization of player activities
    • plan route
    • steal item
    • get away
    • find your next item
  • Stealing items successfully
    • must try to avoid cameras
    • must try to blend in
    • ninja rope can be a possible tool
  • Getaway mechanics and puzzles
    • timing your movement through doors to throw off pursuers
    • jumping on to trains to escape
    • attempting to blend into the crowds to lose any pursuers
    • changing clothes/disguises to appear different


narrative elements concerning plot, characters, world

You are going to visit your grandparents in a city you have never been to. While on the bus/train, you take your bag and sit beside a suspicious stranger. They "accidentally" leave with your bag since your two bags look alike, and after you get off the bus/train agents from the police question you. Suddenly you feel an urge which causes you to run away from them, and it is revealed that the bag you now carry is magical and forces you to steal items.


includes GDC members who contributed to this idea and were present during the discussion

  • Mediator: Eric Raue
  • Alex Ryan
  • Cody Church
  • Shawn Yu
  • Ramin Nazarali
  • Patrick Tim Woo
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