This is a place to find information club members have either found useful or created themselves. This includes lists of recommended books, websites, and art resources. To keep this list easy to navigate consider grouping links and other resources into individual pages when possible.

General resources:

A list of resources that either cover multiple topic areas or that do not fit in any of the categories below. This includes general news sites, information about careers in game development, and other general game development links.

Design Resources:

Includes resources related specially to design, such as design of game mechanics, level design, etc. For resources more closely related to the design and creation of art assets see the art resources section below.

General Game Design

Level Design

Combat design

From the club

Technical Resources:

Links and information about technical topics. This includes programming, game engines and tools, and computer graphics. Topics related to computer graphics should be related to the more technical aspects, for example algorithms for generating random terrain would fit into this category but tutorials on how to use Maya or Photoshop are probably more appropriate to the art resources section.

Art Resources:

Anything to do the with the visual and audio side of games including places to find art assets and how to create your own.

General Art

Concept Art

Royalty Free Artwork

Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects

Sound and music by club members for free use:

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