2.07 - Desert Nomads

Idea for November 8, 2007

Theme: Desert/Nomads

includes topics that expand on the theme

  • Survival
  • Heat
  • Food/water (resource management)
  • Treasure
  • Shelter
  • resources
  • Sand/wind
  • Limited vegetation
  • Environment
  • Sand People
  • Rain (or lack thereof)
  • Working together
  • Heritage
  • Trade/bartering
  • Transportation
  • Community
  • Mobility
  • Navigation

Genre: Multiplayer Sim/Adventure/RTS

game genre with possible significant changes or important points


individual gameplay mechanics and mechanics categorized by system

  • Out-running a sandstorm
  • Escaping danger/destruction
  • Guild Wars influence for multiplayer systems
  • Specialist traits for each player character, working together is needed to complete tasks and specific puzzles
  • Tribe:
    • Size of tribe affects how well you do, what you are able to do
    • Large tribes travel more slowly and require more resources, but develop more quickly and have greater strength in numbers
    • Smaller tribes are more efficient and mobile


narrative elements concerning plot, characters, world

  • Group of lost survivors
  • New members and old members facing a new threat
  • Mutual survival
  • Running for a natural disaster, i.e. sandstorm


includes possible target user group traits

Possible Technology

includes hardware that would best support the game


includes GDDG members who contributed to this idea and were present during the discussion

  • Mediator: Cody Church
  • Holly Becker
  • Alfred Darakjian
  • Tyler Nickel
  • Shane Morin
  • Michael Liu
  • Drew Batcheller
  • Lawson Lim
  • Matt Li
  • Alexius Matsi
  • Kelvin Tu
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