3.05 - School Combat

Idea for February 21, 2008

Theme: School

includes topics that expand on the theme

Genre: MMO/RPG, Adventure

game genre with possible significant changes or important points

  • A class-driven online multiplayer game with MMO style gameplay, set in an exaggerated school environment, and adventure/exploration overworld


individual gameplay mechanics and mechanics categorized by system

  • Player selects from a variety of classes, represented by different 'faculties'
  • Each faculty is a different speciality of abilities
  • Growth/Experience:
    • Players gain experience in a variety of school-inspired ways
    • Taking courses
    • Offline levelling (studying)
    • Taking exams and tests
    • Extra-circular activities
  • Real Life Elements:
    • Cash and finances must be handled
    • Class projects/work
    • GPA/Honour Roll
  • Different faculties will have drastically different abilities and strengths, as below
  • Science:
    • Chemistry using close combat, mixing chemicals and throwing potions/concotions
    • Physics uses weapons and energy based attacks
    • Biology special effects, summoning and poisons
    • Medicine has healing, support and precision attacks
    • Computing has hacking, environmental attacks, infiltration and night vision
    • Engineering has mechs, defensive abilities, tools and salvage skills
  • Art:
    • Law has persuasion, unique debuffs, immunities, and long term effects (persistent debuffs)
    • Theatre has miming, disguise, music, buffs/debuffs, good in combat, and can fundraise
    • Fine arts have area affects, close/ranged moves, painting yields different affects, tool use, sculpting decoys
    • History = necromancers, bogged down with texts, physically weak, summon powerful historical figures, can orate to cause sleep
    • Literature summons powerful fantasy characters (more temporary), can orate to cause different area effects
  • Guest/NPC Characters can be invited, from Business, Criminology, SIAT
  • Multiclassing can be obtained through classes or tutoring for multiple skills
  • Faculty/Pairing:
    • A major and minor can be determined based on the selection of the major
    • Bonuses are given for specific combinations
    • Guild systems develop around majors, in the form of 'Frats' and 'Clubs'


narrative elements concerning plot, characters, world

  • Game is not very story driven
  • More drive comes from PVP gameplay and progression
  • The entire game world is a parody of school life, taken to the extreme


includes possible target user group traits

Possible Technology

includes hardware that would best support the game

  • PC is the ideal system for the interface and online functions, but PS3/X360 should also be able to handle it


includes GDDG members who contributed to this idea and were present during the discussion

  • Mediator: Cody Church
  • Vincent Cua
  • Drew Batcheller
  • Kevin Lee
  • Shane Morin
  • Marc DeRosier
  • Mark Lauman
  • Holly Becker
  • Samppa Raski
  • Kyle Sakai
  • Kyle Chiang
  • Lanz Singbeil
  • Michael Liu
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