3.07 - Rainbow Adventure (aka Holly's Game)

Idea for March 6, 2008

Theme: Colour

includes topics that expand on the theme

  • Rainbows
  • Black & White
  • Unicorns
  • Magic via colour
  • Paint
  • Talking animals

Genre: Puzzle/Adventure

game genre with possible significant changes or important points

  • A light-hearted adventure game where the use and control of colour is needed to solve puzzles and explore the game world.


individual gameplay mechanics and mechanics categorized by system

  • Paint = Life/Power:
    • Attacking in the game requires the player to have certain ‘colours’ of paint
    • Attacking with paint lowers the player’s count with that colour of paint, as does taking damage in the game
    • Paint can be ‘splattered’ onto the ground, allowing the player to recover lost paint in smaller amounts (much like when Sonic loses his rings)
    • Paint can also be used to change parts of the environment, or even paint up enemies to act as decoys
  • Restore the Land:
    • The game’s main goal is for the player to restore colour to the game world’s different territories
    • Each area of the world is themed differently: different animals, plants, and most importantly, different colours
    • Players need to obtain, bring and use the correct colours in certain areas in order to restore the land and re-activate certain environmental functions (life opening a door, restoring a village, using a bridge, etc.)
  • Black Rain:
    • A mobile threat that looms over the player throughout the game is the Black Rain. When the player - or any game area - is underneath the rain, any coloured object (or character) caught in the rain will slowly have its colour ‘washed away’
    • While the player will continually lose any coloured paint they are currently carrying, and paint that becomes splattered on the ground will also disappear at a faster rate
  • Party:
    • The player is able to find and recruit different party members from the world’s native animals
    • Each of the world’s races has different traits, abilities, and colours
    • Recruitment of the animals is both temporary and (eventually) permanent
    • Most units are temporary and in ‘large’ numbers, but won’t follow the player outside their home territory
    • Each main race of animals possesses a ‘mythical’ creature (like a dragon, griffon, unicorn, etc.) that joins the player permanently, and their enhanced abilities allow the player to journey to new areas by relying on their powers (which are somewhat unaffected by the Black Rain
  • Rainbows:
    • When the player is using colours for just about any reason, utilizing certain combinations that follow and pattern found on a rainbow grants additional affects or stronger results
    • Restoring certain territories will cause rainbows to sprout with only certain colours visible: as more and more territories are restored, more colours appear on a rainbow
    • Rainbows ‘Roads’ are also used to move the player from place to place, granted they have the colours needed to fill all the gaps in the rainbow


narrative elements concerning plot, characters, world

  • Game World:
    • A fantasy, Wizard of Oz-esque world where animals are intelligent and able to speak, the game world is immense and colourful
    • There are no people or proper ‘cities’, only the more natural dwellings of the native animals
    • Each race of animals has a leader (Avatar) that is a mythical creature (like a dragon, unicorn or naga)
    • Each of these mythical creatures is, in fact, the source of the colour for their region: the stronger they are, the more vibrant their territory appears (and vice versa)
    • Perhaps they are called the ‘Colour Kings?’
    • Colour plays the most important part of defining one territory from another
  • Story:
    • The world is being robbed of its colour can a strange, shapeless force of invaders that are able to ‘wash away’ colour with their Black Rain
    • Maybe the invaders are a gremlins, a more classical fictional threat?
    • The player is an emissary that is looking to find replacements for the current colour Avatars of each region, who are dying off due to the invaders
    • For fun, the player is plagued with a constant nuisance in the form of a monkey that tries to help the player and claims to be the real saviour of the world


includes possible target user group traits

  • We’re aiming for a younger audience with both the gameplay and the story, a game with an ‘E for Everyone’ rating and appeal

Possible Technology

includes hardware that would best support the game

  • Home consoles should be sufficient for both control and performance of the game


includes GDDG members who contributed to this idea and were present during the discussion

  • Mediator: Cody Church
  • Samppa V. Raski
  • Ethan Johanson
  • Shane Morin
  • Lanz Singbeil
  • Marc Derosier
  • Kyle Sakai
  • Chi Hsi
  • Vincent Cua
  • Mike Liu
  • Leland Chen
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