3.10 - Love & Deceit: Hero Wannabe

Idea for March 27, 2008

Theme: Love and Deceit

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Genre: Puzzle RPG

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  • A comedic RPG adventure with puzzle and planning driven gameplay


individual gameplay mechanics and mechanics categorized by system

  • The Hero:
    • The player (the sidekick) tracks the stats and equipment of the hero, along with anything else that might evolve or require customization over the course of the game (the hero is just too stupid to do it themselves)
    • The menu systems for tracking the hero's stats are filled with humorous bits like love notes and such from the sidekick
    • The sidekick will also keep a scrapbook of the hero's deeds, to use for personal adoration
    • However, the player cannot make any adjustments directly: you must indirectly make it happen through actions and plans in the game
  • The Sidekick:
    • The player character. You have only a fraction of the hero's natural physical abilities, but much more intelligence and tactical knowledge (basically, you're not dumb enough to barge into obvious traps and other dangerous situations … like the hero)
    • Instead, the player must move ahead of the hero and 'prepare' a dungeon for their quest
    • The player must always be one step ahead of the hero, who's behaviour will be predictable enough to keep ahead of without too much trouble
  • Deceit:
    • To explain the occurrence of chests and other suspicious setups in RPG dungeons (like save points) that you find in most games, in this one they are the responsibility of the sidekick to prepare for the hero
    • The hero is not guaranteed to succeed: the player must prepare treasures, save points and other obstacles or encounters to ensure their success
    • However, the player wishes to EARN some renown by ultimately being the one to finish the quest or otherwise slay some dangerous beast: therefore, the player must engineer their own involvement at the last moment
    • The player can't sustain the same kind of efforts that the hero can, so their involvement MUST be limited and therefore last minute
    • The player may need to employ tactics such as disguises, and make an ally of the dungeon boss to get the desired behaviour from them when the hero comes around
    • Apart from assisting the hero, though, you'll also need to through some genuine threats his way: enemies, traps, etc. You may need to buff his staffs, alter his path or simply delay him for your own ends


narrative elements concerning plot, characters, world

  • The game revolves around a brave, true and clueless hero that travels the land performing suitably heroic deeds
  • However, the player is NOT the hero, but rather the sidekick
  • You wish to impress the hero by racking up credit, but you don't have the skills to do so
  • So, instead you secretly manipulate and guide the hero through different quests, only to somehow take the credit for yourself
  • The player does this because of a huge crush for the hero: undetermined if the player is a male and the hero female or vice versa. Upon consideration, it might be interesting to make it a clueless female hero and crushing male sidekick. The clueless male hero (much like The Tick) is an old and overused stereotype.
  • Setting:
    • Medieval/Western setting
    • Fairly traditional fantasy RPG setting, otherwise


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Possible Technology

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  • Chi Hsi
  • Kevin Lee
  • Shane Morin
  • Karl Schmidt
  • Ethan Johanson
  • Stephen Ramsay
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