6.05 MMO Fort Builder

Idea for June 16, 2009

Theme: Fort building

includes topics that expand on the theme

  • defending the fort
  • raiding other's forts

Genre: Multiplayer building game

game genre with possible significant changes or important points

  • attempt to increase wealth by adding to fort


individual gameplay mechanics and mechanics categorized by system

  • trying to defend valuable item in fort
    • item can be upgraded by stealing others' items or by keeping it safe for a long time
    • can buy decoy items
  • huge map, lots of space
  • safe areas to build in
  • map size proportional to number of players (scales up but not back down)
  • when you log off, your item becomes safe
  • delay between time of log off and time that item becomes safe
  • team based
  • economy, start with alot of money
  • stealth
    • breaking glass makes noise
  • different seasons, affect building materials
  • nomad option?
  • try to join with people from other time zones to be able to take turns watching the fort
  • build with generic objects, crates, doors, boxes
  • physics engine
  • persistent online forts, if no one on the team is there, fort is harder to destroy
  • ability to report offensive structures
  • weight capacity, swamp, desert
  • Fort materials
    • snow, straw, sticks, clay, logs, glass, brick, cement, metal, plasma
    • glass can be used for traps, glass floor, shoot the floor out when an enemy is on it, spike pit below, lawls ensue
  • real world like events, eg pine beetle infestation
  • few kinds of materials but lots of different skins
  • fort voting contest which requires players to maintain their fort while the contest is going on
  • nature/environment based combat
    • bears
    • bees
    • melt ice
    • bust dam
    • mud slide
    • poke hole in boat castle
  • huge monsters, sand dragons can be seen in the non safe areas
  • Players can vote in game managers which have the power to control natural disasters. Players must win the favor of them just like in ancient Greece with Greek gods.


narrative elements concerning plot, characters, world

  • No plot was discussed.

Possible Technology

includes hardware that would best support the game

  • PC/Consoles


includes GDDG members who contributed to this idea and were present during the discussion

  • Mediator: Eric Raue
  • Samantha Derochie
  • Scott Inglis
  • Colin To
  • Alex Ryan
  • Jesse Shen
  • Karl Reifenstein
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