6.09 - Paraverse

Idea for July 14, 2009

Theme: Time travel and parallel worlds

includes topics that expand on the theme

  • phase shifts
  • spies

Genre: Adventure

game genre with possible significant changes or important points

  • non linear
  • includes puzzles elements and decision making


individual gameplay mechanics and mechanics categorized by system

  • you can travel to multiple parallel worlds
  • time machine and parallel machine
    • disguised as everyday locations, ie portable toilet
    • must sneak in
  • you can phase in and out of time with the time phaser
    • hand held device that takes you out of the time-space continuum
  • you can duplicate yourself by getting to the real world, phasing in, and then having them duplicate the world again
  • switch between yourself and your duplicate self
  • use parallel world to test things and learn about people
  • communicate with other self through time phaser
  • conversations with self


narrative elements concerning plot, characters, world

  • Backstory
    • society trying to better itself by sending technology back in time
    • no consideration of the consequences
    • the Institution wants to advance their hold on the world by sending technology back without regard for time paradoxes
    • utopian world
    • they create a duplicate parallel worlds to test the technology in, then destroy them
    • everything in the duplicate world is identical to the real world at the time of creation
    • there's a special box that only has stuff in it in the real world. If it's empty, you're the clone. Sucks to be you.
  • you're a guy from the duplicate world
  • you're given a time phaser by the Institution from the 'true' world to test effects when used in the parallel world
  • have to pick which world you'll save
  • duplicate self may defect
  • possible ending: trick both worlds into thinking they are the real world and that the parallel world is fighting back and they destroy each other


includes possible target user group traits

  • fans of open ended adventure games

Possible Technology

includes hardware that would best support the game

  • X-box, Playstation, Wii


includes GDDG members who contributed to this idea and were present during the discussion

  • Mediator: Eric Raue
  • Alex Ryan
  • Karl Reifeusteiu
  • Colin To
  • Lanz Singbeil
  • Samantha Derochie
  • Scott Inglis
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