Resources Design Club 7 06

Idea for November 12, 2009

Theme: Manipulation of emotions

includes topics that expand on the theme

  • empathic control
  • superheroes
  • blindness


game genre with possible significant changes or important points

  • superheroes
    • super powers
    • capes
    • important weakness
    • no illness (usually)
    • secret identity
    • anti-hero
    • story: complex reference to half-baked scientific theory
    • love triangles
  • emotions
    • list of emotions
    • enzymes and receptors
    • brain chemical balance
    • outward physical manifestations of emotions (ie. blushing) which can be suppressed to some extent


individual gameplay mechanics and mechanics categorized by system

  • player is a blind superhero
  • sidekick is emotionless
    • cannot be seen by the hero
  • emotion vision
    • blank screen

*see auras of people's emotions to navigate 3d space
* brightness and clarity is based on intensity and distance
* auras reflect on nearby surfaces and 'empties'
* can see through walls

  • non-humans are disguised as humans
    • limited number of emotions
    • consume emotions from other people
    • types
      • mega-baddies - eat all; defeat by taking all the emotions away, the emotions explode; or throw into lava
      • conniseurs - only eat 1; defeat by giving them an emotion they are not ready for
      • empties - no emotions and drains all emotions; dies without eating emotion
      • glads - only eat positive emotions; defeat by negative emotions
      • sads - only eat negative emotions; defeat by positive emotions


narrative elements concerning plot, characters, world

  • The hero has the powers to change people's emotions and uses them for selfish reasons. One day an alien spaceship crashes into his house and causes him to go blind.
  • Non-humans have invaded the world and are trying to blend in with society by consuming other people's emotions.
  • Hero realizes that a world without emotions would be terrible (mostly because his selfish reasons)
  • Goal: to save the world from non-humans


includes possible target user group traits

  • older teens and adults since the younger players might not be able to understand it

Possible Technology

includes hardware that would best support the game

  • PC or console with 3D capabilities


includes GDDG members who contributed to this idea and were present during the discussion

  • Mediator: Lanz Singbeil
  • Eric Raue
  • Shane Morin
  • Shawn Yu
  • Karl Reifenstein
  • Samantha Derochie
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