Lanz's RTS Game

So contrary to what we do in the GDC discussions i chose to start with genres and then come up with my ideas. Typically what happens when one does this is that the game becomes a parody of the genre or it emphasizes something that the genre hasn't tried before. Admittedly, i think my RTS idea does both…borrowing from past RTS and strategy classics and then adding my own Lanzy twist that is both ridiculous and maybe a bit interesting.



  • a large element of humor taken seriously within the game world
  • very good RTS mechanics
  • at least semi-traditional resource gathering (yes i am nostalgic)
  • very unique and dissimilar races/teams

at this point there are 5 races. I think thats what I'll stick with.

futurists: This race focuses on developing increadibly advanced technologies and persues knowledge.
capitolists: This race is based around the belief that money can buy anything. The time period would match that of our own today.
traditionalists: For some reason this race never advanced further than the age of knights, kings and monarchies.
naturalists: Nomads that live off the earth. They possess some spiritual practices but also have brave and strong warriors.
fanatics: An increadibly religious race with spiritual practices that verge on the miraculous.

more to come

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