Spring 2010 Semester Administration

Clubs Days

There should be two people at the table at any given time.

Wed January 13 @ Burnaby (table 68) Thurs January 14 @ Burnaby (table 69) Tues January 19 @ Surrey Wed January 20 @ Surrey
10:00-11:20 Eric Lanz Eric R., Scott, Eric R.
11:20-12:20 Eric, Lanz Lanz Eric R., Scott, Lanz Eric R., Lanz
12:20-1:20 Eric, Lanz,Ryan Lanz Scott Eric R., Lanz
1:20-2:20 Eric, Lanz ,Ryan Scott, Lanz Scott Eric R. , Samantha, Scott, Lanz
2:20-3:20 Eric, Lanz Scott, Lanz Samantha, Scott, Lanz Eric R., Lanz
3:20-4:00 Eric, Lanz Scott, Lanz Samantha, Scott, Lanz Eric R., Lanz

Scott: Thursday at Burnaby is tentative but I'll try to spend some of the day up there.
Lanz: Same for me, I have the day free but i dunno if i want to spend the whole of it up on the mountain.
Ryan: I can help for a few hours on Wednesday.

Gamedev Sprint

Write your ideas here, try to keep it neat.

Tasks to do

  • Organize, complete, and refine the club website.
    • Re-do front page to better describe who we are, showcase games we made, and make it easier to join the site. (Eric is working on this)
    • Competitions page needs to be redesigned
    • Fall 09 competition needs a banner
    • Finish writing up past design discussion ideas
    • The design discussion notes are maybe in the wrong place
    • Finish converting previous technical discussion minutes to wikidot.
    • fix gdc logo header
    • write competition reports
  • Advertising
    • Create a competition montage video (at least one) and post on youtube.
    • Design and print out new GDC leaflets (remember to include sfss logo to be reimbursed for printing)
    • rotate featured club games on front page
  • Activities
    • Development meetings should happen on both campuses
    • Development meetings should be more frequent
    • Student Speaker Series on blender by Lanz
    • Student Speaker Series on XNA and intro to programming by Eric
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