Steampunk CCG


Not much is known at this point except it is a collectible card game in the steampunk genre. The aim of this project is to create a base set with the idea of creating expansions at a later date. We are creating physical cards meaning we will be focusing on design and balance and later, graphic design and art. Check out the documents section for more details.

Current State

  • Planning - initial game design


Summer 2010 Project Discussion Notes/Minutes

Team members

Members approved to work on the project (just ask) and their assigned roles

  • Scott Inglis - Project Manager (tentative title, but he's organizing it)

Members Interested

To join the project add your name below and specify what you would like to do on the project. Once your role is figured out you will be added to to the team members list. The project needs designers, developers (game balancing), artists, and whatever else you think is necessary to make the game.

  • Eric Raue - Card art, card game development tools
  • Alex Ryan - Mechanic design
  • Shawn Yu - Mechanic design, game balancing
  • jordan-fox - Development (balancing, etc.), Card Art
  • Perry Tan - Testing, Making tokens(if there are any), Miscellaneous
  • Karl Reifenstein - Art, Development
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