Steampunk Ccg Development Meeting July 7

We thought of some "colors" or in other words different factions with distinct flavors.

General remarks:

  • some "colours" have good counters and others may have okay counters
  • rock paper scissors in the sense of 57% to 43% as opposed to black and white


Vehicles Military Clockwork Alchemy Mad Science
Bad Military Clockwork Alchemy Science Vehicles
Good Science Vehicles Military Clockwork Alchemy

Military - gunpowder

  • strength
  • plain and reliable
  • protocols
  • structured

Clockwork - copper

  • precision
  • stealth

Alchemy - crystals

  • illusions

Vehicles - Pilots

  • sophisticated vehicles including flight

Mad Scientists - electricity

  • electricity
  • area of effect

Scavengers - Colourless (minor cards that can be added to any deck)

Members present

  • Mediator: Scott Inglis
  • Eric Raue
  • Michael Nicanor
  • Karl Riefinstein
  • Alex Ryan
  • Shawn Yu
  • Jordan Fox
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