Steampunk CCG Development Meeting June 30

The game test went rather successfully we agreed on some informal rules in mid game which I will list here:

  • You can disassemble part of any creation at will to create a new invention. For instance you can take 1 material from a dragon to build a 1 resource item without destroying the dragon
  • The resource cards hidden underneath any creation represent that creations hit points. When in combat, the difference between the attacking creatures attack score and the defending creatures defense score will be removed from the resources. If the difference is 3 points then you'd remove either a 2 resource and 1 resource card or 3 resource cards etc.
  • Inventions that have been equipped to a creature also count towards that creatures max HP, for instance, if you have a +5 attack boost on a creature and that creature takes 2 points of damage, the boost card will lose 2 of it's resources before the creature itself takes any damage. This is to emulate the way that the factory add ons work.

Good Things We Noted

  • Dismantling creations
  • Randomness in battle
  • Combat system

Bad Things We Noted

  • Too many powerful creatures, too powerful and too cheap
  • Didn't summon mid level creatures, just weak and strong ones.

Things to Think About

  • Getting resources when your creations are destroyed
  • Losing resources when dismantling
  • More common factory cards
  • Health too low or attack too high. Game ended too quickly
  • Need to figure out max hand sizes

Additional Comments

  • The stockpile may be redundant at this point, the resources aren't a great enough percentage of the deck to require a separate place for them.
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