Team 1: D-integrated

D-Integrated - Game Rules


Form teams of two, one player from each team goes to each map. Assure that the map on one side of the room is not visible to those at the other map.

Randomly place the environment tiles around the map (not touching any edge).

Each player places their piece on their map on any space along the edge of the map except corners.


Equipping items must take place before anything else.

Movement Phase (Happens Simultaneously):

Wanderer: Roll a d8, this is your maximum move distance for this turn. Rotating alone on a square takes one one movement point. You must announce the amount of movement points used to the players on the other board.

Titan: Draw a Move + Shoot card, the move number is your maximum move distance for this turn.

Event Phase:

Events such as items, telephone booths, and event circles must be activated as soon as they are landed on. If both the titan and the wanderer on the same team land on an event space the wanderer's event happens first. After activating the event the player who landed on it must roll the d8 and d10 to randomize a new position for the event item.

Telephone: When you reach a telephone space you must activate the timer and meet with your partner in the middle of the room. While here You can exchange whatever information you want however no notes may be taken to or from this meeting.

Attack Phase:

After the movement and event phases titans can choose to activate the attack radius that is shown on their Move + Shoot card for that turn. All wanderers write their current position on their respective cards and pass them to their titan partners. All titans must confirm if the attacking titan's shot will effect their partner's wanderer.

Other Rules:

The maximum size of any players hand is 3.

At any time any titan can move the marker on their map of where they think their opponents wanderer is however they can not move the marker of where they think their partner's wanderer is.

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