Technical Discussion April 5 2012
  • only Jordan and Perry showed up to the meeting this week
    • everyone else was probably busy with exams
    • we discussed many random things, but here are some interesting links I wanted to post for future reference
  • The original topic that Perry had suggested was procedural map generating using voronoi diagrams, which Jordan had mentioned in the previous week
    • Perry was mostly interested in the algorithm for constructing a voronoi diagrams, called fortunes algorithm
    • Jordan wondered if the algorithm for map generation could be scaled up to create more realistic sized landmasses
    • The main problem with this map generation algorithm is that it creates simplistic terrain that looks good from a far but lacks details like cliffs and valleys.
    • Another issue is that all of the mountains are near the middle of the landmass
  • We also discussed other generators
  • Also, Jordan was going to mention that Microsoft is currently running their dream-build-play competition again with a grand prize of $40,000 plus several other smaller prizes. The competition is usually pretty tough since it runs till June there are not very many rules.
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