Technical Discussion February 18 2008

Topic 1: Industry news

  • Game Developers Conference is happening this week so be sure to look out for good presentations.
  • Gamecube sales passed by Wii recently
  • PS3 monthly sales rate surpassed Xbox 360.

Topic 2: Functional programming in games

  • For data structures such as IO arrays it works
  • Waiting for multicore implementations for parallelization

Topic 3: Pre-rendered backgrounds in games

  • They look beautiful
  • Limited camera angle, but worked for Resident Evil where camera angles were used to surprise you.

Topic 4: How much of a game should be scripted?

  • LUA is a great scripting language and is very easy to embed.
  • Eric explained the binary map formats for Metroid and Pokemon games.

Members Present

  • Colin Hume
  • Dave Bregman
  • Ted Tate
  • Ryan Bujnowicz
  • Eric Raue
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