Technical Discussion February 3 2009

SFU Burnaby 12:30pm - 2:20pm

Warm Up Topic

What programming tools do you use and why? (editors, compilers, sdks, debuggers, plugins etc.)

  • Editors
    • Crimson Editor - light weight, starts up fast and can be configured to compile and execute projects.
    • Programmer's Notepad 2 - similar to Crimson Editor, comes with the homebrew Nintendo DS SDK.
    • Microsoft Visual Studio - combined with Visual Assist, a plugin that fixes all the nuances.
    • KDevelop - robust project management similar to Microsoft Visual Studio. Integrates with tools such as Valgrind.
    • Compilers
      • Visual Studio - figures out how to compile your code without too much configuration.
      • GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) - can target almost any platform and programming language.
  • Debuggers
    • GNU Debugger - great for multithreaded applications
    • Valgrind - awesome tool for finding memory leaks.

Topic 1: Has anyone looked into shader development with NVIDIA's FX Composer?

Eric has looked into it briefly and suggests the tools make it easy for artists, programmers and designers to try out new shaders. Debugging shaders is difficult but this tool makes the process of testing them much quicker.

Topic 2: What art and music tools do people use?

  • Art
    • Photoshop - basically the de facto standard of art programs
    • The GIMP - open source graphics manipulation program; has a weird UI.
  • Music
    • Finale
    • Noteworthy Composer - used by a musician working on a project Eric is part of. Very basic program but
    • Guitar Pro - does more than just guitar and has a great interface for writing music.

Members Present

  • Eric Raue
  • Daniel Truong
  • Jon Derrick
  • Colin Hume
  • April Lu
  • Suen Ting
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