Technical Discussion January 20 2009

SFU Burnaby 12:30pm - 1:20pm officially, although the discussion continued until 2:20pm

This meeting was an introductory meeting and a casual discussion about anything related to games.

Topic 1: What is your game development experience?

  • Daniel Truong used palib to create Nintendo DS games and moved onto XNA because it is easier to publish games.
  • Eric Raue has many games in development, mostly for theNintendo DS.
  • April Lu has created some interactive Flash pictures
  • Some members have worked at gaming companies on co-op.

Topic 2: Why do you think the gaming industry is getting hit hard with the economic crisis?

  • Initially the gaming industry was thought to be recession proof because even in a recession people still want entertainment and games offer the most entertainment per dollar. Since people do not have as much money they may resort to piracy. Another way of thinking about it is piracy always exists and those people who do not pirate games are cutting back on buying games.
  • Certain genres such as massive multiplayer online games may not be hit as hard since social interaction with other players is not something that can be stopped without affecting others.
  • Consumers may shift from buying AAA titles to casual games because they are cheaper and offer a fun entertaining experience. Other members suggested that they may be hit harder because they lack the depth that bigger titles have.

Members Present

  • Eric Raue
  • Colin Hume
  • Jon Derrick
  • Daniel Truong
  • Karol Krizka
  • April Lu
  • Suen Ting
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