Technical Discussion January 21 2008

Vote on constitution

A few changes were suggested for the constitution. It was voted in under the assumption that these
would changes would be made.

  • Section IV.4.3.1 was ambiguous as to what responsibilities both executives had at meetings. As it was suggested that responsibility was given to President Treasurer.
  • Section V.1 should require 1 executive to be present, not 2, and was changed accordingly.
  • Section IX.3 was added to address the concern that the constitution was rushed and would need to be revisited every semester to improve it.

The revised constitution can be found here:

Voted for Executives

  • Ryan Bujnowicz received two nominations for President Treasurer and was voted in unanimously.
  • Eric Raue received two nominations for President Secretary and was voted in unanimously.

Topic 1: Crowd movement

  • Ryan proposed a discussion about crowd movement and reaction to players like in Assassin's Creed.
  • Eric suggested using cellular automata where the player is a “dead cell” which will kill the cells around it dispersing the crowd around him.
  • Dave suggested that there is probably a lot of academic research in this area.
  • Ryan suggested collision detection and recalculation could be used similar to a particle simulator.
  • All agree that crowds are not that well done in games these days.

Topic 2: Tank Wars like game for the Nintendo DS

Eric asked for feedback on an input system for a Tank Wars like game for the Nintendo DS

  • Gesture based firing removes precision but may make it more fun
  • Instead of time based gestures, the power can be calculated by distance

Topic 3: Great games

A brief discussion on the original Pokemon games and Smash Bros. series and what made them great.

Members Present

  • Eric Raue
  • Justin Scott
  • Dave Bregman
  • Colin Hume
  • Ryan Bujnowicz
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