Technical Discussion June 11 2010

Loading and saving

  • One option is to use plain text files (xml, csv, ini, or your own format)
    • depending on the format they can be easy to parse but tedious
    • easier to recover from data corruption (and easy for players to cheat)
    • Jordan had some saving issues on the Xbox 360
  • Some languages support serialization such as Java and Python
    • not easy to edit
    • if the saving file class changes the serialized objects can't be used
  • Protecting against cheaters using encryption such as md5
  • Knowing what to save is important since if the player resumes the game in a room where a critical flag is no longer set and there is no way to escape the player must restart the game. This happened in two locations in Twilight Princess.
  • Also consider the different saving mechanics such as auto-save, multiple save files to prevent corruption while saving (Pokemon does this)

M.A.S.S. Club Project

  • There seemed to be a lot of interest in starting this particular club project.
  • Jordan volunteered to lead the project as he's worked on similar games before
  • Dave said he could look into setting up a SVN server with the school.
  • the project should be cross platform so Java was chosen as the language since everyone was familiar with it.
  • Eric said he would look into Java libraries for the project.
    • lwjgl - Used by Minecraft and does pretty much everything we need. Also has a 2D/3D asteroids tutorial
    • Pyronet - Network library also used by Minecraft
  • Design comments
    • infinitely small asteroids
    • incorporate a Duck Hunt light gun

Members present

  • Eric Raue
  • Ramin Nazarali
  • Tom Clark
  • Dave Hughes
  • Andrew Inwood
  • Jordan Fox
  • Perry Tan
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