Technical Discussion June 4 2010

Warm up topic: What language/library or technique would you like to try?

  • Eric is using Python + Pygame to create a tile based game to learn Python
  • Alex is interested in combining motion tweens in Flash with collision detection code
  • Dave is diving into MFC windows code since the project he is building on uses it.
    • Would prefer to use .NET since it takes care of all the little nuances.
  • Jordon is interested in learning how to write shaders with XNA
  • Holly is interested in learning Python and PHP

Genetic algorithms and neural nets

  • Dave is currently working on a project involving both.
  • Explained how genetic algorithms worked including mutating children and the survival of the fittest model
  • His specific project is automated roombas for mine disposal
  • Cannot be applied to chess easily as the end game goal is to far ahead thinking
  • The best move is not always the best since you might want to weaken your position to set something up.

Members present

  • Eric Raue
  • Ramin Nazarali
  • Tom Clark
  • Dave Hughes
  • Holly Becker
  • Alex Ryan
  • Jordan Fox
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