Technical Discussion March 10 2008

Topic 1: Post Competition Discussion

General remarks

  • The competition was very fun
  • Code quality decreases with time.
  • There was a lack of content generated for the competition.

Ideas for next time

  • longer duration which allows for sleep
  • allow previously written code
  • bigger teams

Ryan and Ted - Juxta Records

  • started small and went from there
  • 75% of features needed for the design were coded
  • tile based gameplay
  • sprite engine including animation
  • the engine is flexible
  • ran into a circular dependency problem
  • the game has many features but no content

Eric and Colin - House

  • Used SDL which both of us were unfamiliar with
  • Spent a long time on design which lead to a great design.
  • In hindsight, we should of started with a simple design instead.
  • The idea was based on a doll house where the player is trapped and must get out. Each room has unique puzzles that don't make a lot of sense. e.g. hitting a Mario themed block and dying.
  • Animation system was merged in late which resulted in about an hour of merging to make it work.

Topic 2: Test driven approach to writing functions

In this approach the function is treated as a black box before written. The programmer plans test cases that would represent appropriate test cases for the function. Then the programmer implements the function. The function is tested through a test suite automatically and if it passes all the test it is assumed to be good enough to work.

If a programmer modifies the function, they run the test cases again.

Members Present

  • Colin Hume
  • Dave Bregman
  • Eric Raue
  • Ryan Bujnowicz
  • Ted Tate
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