Technical Discussion March 15 2012

Club Management

  • meetings have become a bit disorganized and are lacking focus
    • decided that meeting organizers should bring more things to talk about
      • someone should be taking the minutes regularly, Jordan volunteered to do this
  • club website needs updating
    • project page needs to be updated to include newer projects
      • need to find out through email or at next meeting if anyone has projects they want to showcase on the site
    • Jordan also volunteered to update the website over the next couple of days

Club Project

  • Eric suggested doing a unity game that is a collection of smaller games
    • This idea seemed to have interest with the members present
    • Eric was going to contact the executives to get there thoughts on the idea
    • Also wanted to remind members about Unity's limited time free pro subscription
      • One of the executives will send out an email in the next few days reminding all members

General Discussion

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