Technical Discussion March 22 2012

Club Announcements

  • It was announced that the club website is being updated
    • Any members who want to get there project on the site can let Jordan or one of the executives know, or add it themselves
    • Members were reminded to add/update website profiles if they had not already done so
  • reminded members that were not present at the last meeting of the Unity game collection project proposed by Eric Raue at last weeks meeting

Diegetic Interfaces

  • Diegetic Interfaces are user interfaces that are a part of the game world
  • The topic was suggested by Perry because Unity 3D's default user interface system is very inefficient
  • The most well known classical example of diegetic interfaces is the watch from golden eye
  • Dead Space was also mentioned because it had interfaces integrated into the environment
  • Discussed the idea of a game that reveals the goal through the environment
    • the game Journey reveals the goal as a distant object on the horizon that your character moves toward
    • Journey is also interesting in the sense that there is multi-player but communication is limited
    • random players are automatically joined to your game
    • the player can only talk to players using a wordless shout
  • Discussed some games that had no traditional HUD
    • Games like Mirror's edge have no HUD
  • Discussed the idea of the objects in a players inventory orbiting the character
    • the character could slow the orbit to select an object
    • apparently this was used in a monkey island game
    • several older 2D games, like secret of mana, used a ring-like interface
    • with a large number of items this could become ineffective without sorting
    • someone raised the idea of the knapsack problem, a classical inventory sorting problem
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