Our Mission

We believe that both making and discussing games are equally important. We hold weekly discussions, work on club projects, and encourage members to make games together at club events. We also provide critique sessions between fellow club members as well as online resources that help students make their own games whether they be digital or non-digital.

The club has a casual atmosphere and membership is free. If you're interested in making video games, or just discussing game concepts, mechanics and implementation, then we think you'll enjoy this club.

Joining The Club

To become an official club member sign up on clubs days or send an email to ac.ufs|cexecdg#ac.ufs|cexecdg with your SFU email address. Once you become a member consider creating a Wikidot account and participating on the website.


08-31-2010 We have been steadily improving the website by reorganizing sections and styling them. We're far from done but let us know what you think!
08-30-2010 Added Evil Genius VS Spies and Wordworks to the completed projects list.
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