Unity Game Collection

Project replaced with githhub-game-jam-2012


A collection of games made using the Unity 3D game engine to promote the club and share our creative game ideas with people around the world. It will be released for the web and quite likely on the Apple App Store as well. Anyone who wants to can submit a game to be included in the collection. Most games will probably be small experimental projects that were made in a few days. The app itself will consist of a games list and a bit of information about the club.

Current status (June 12, 2012)

Watch for the announcement email coming this week!

Game criteria

As this project represents the club we need to establish a certain level of quality. If you put effort into your game and it works, it's probably okay.

  1. Complete - It doesn't have to be a big game but it should feel complete. Apple has a policy to reject games that feel incomplete or put together in a couple days.
  2. Legal - Don't use anything that would get the club in trouble; try to make them family friendly. Clones of existing games without significant differences also fall under this criteria.
  3. Visual consistency - Programmer art is fine but it should look as presentable as possible. There are quite a few artists in the club that might be willing to help you out.


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Project Details

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