Week Of Welcome

Stuff that will be there:

  • Members show of their own projects
  • We will show off the competition projects
  • Information leaflets to help spread the word about our activities for the day (Lanz)
  • Sign up sheet (Eric)
  • Club poster (Lanz)


Game Design Challenge (10:00 - 1:00)

This is a challenge that involves people from the campus who come to our booth. We get them to design and play a quick game using various items supplied by the club.

  1. Present the items and they make up a game with items of their choice. The game should be simple and playable within a few minutes.

The items could be picked randomly by a ballot. They pick say 3 items and then must make a game using it.

  1. Test the game.
  2. post mordem:
    • what was good about the game?
    • what could be improved? ask questions such as:
      • Did it have a clear win and lose condition?
      • Did it involve everyone?
      • How much input does the player(s) have? (is it just based on chance or is it skill).
      • Was it fun?

List of items

  • Tennis balls
  • D6 dice
  • Chairs
  • Rubber chicken
  • Rubber ball
  • Piece of paper
  • A standard deck of cards
  • Cardboard Sword (Eric)
  • Baseball Cap
  • A Bucket

Video Game Trivia (drop in any time).

answer 2 out of 3 questions = get a free pop.

List of Questions:

Show off Projects (10:00 - 12:00)

Eric Time (1:00 - 1:20 open for questions afterwards)

  • introduce yourself
  • introduce the club
  • talk about DS homebrew
  • mention our DSP. (recruit programmers)


Example Idea 1:

An example could be that if they choose to play a stacking contest. The framework could be that you want to reach a certain height or have a certain amount of points at the end of 5 turns each.

  • Both players are presented with the first item, a piece of blank paper. ask them: "What does this item do?" They choose 1 option.
    1. Is it used as a basic stack piece? (folded any way you choose to get the best height possible).
    2. or do you make it into a paper airplane to use as ammunition against the opponent's stack?
  • Second item: Chairs
    1. Should there be a bonus for stacking the chair ontop of another stack piece?
    2. If the chairs are wheely chairs should there be a bonus if you can wheel your stack around and it doesn't fall over?
  • Third item: A GDC club member
    1. Are they used as a stack piece?
    2. Or are they used as a slave to stack the pieces?
  • Fourth item: Lego Blocks
    1. should they be used as stack pieces?
    2. or should you be able to drop a few lego pieces ontop of the opponents stack to see if it falls over.
  • Then the players should decide on how you determine what piece to use each turn.
    1. should they be able to choose?
    2. should it be random? (1d6) varying between a stackable piece on a 1-5 and a special piece on a 6.
  • Finally, once all rules have been decied, the game is played.

Example Idea 2:

Video Game Trivia held at a certain time of the day.
funny buzzers.

Example Idea 3:

RPG character who goes to different dungeons and gets magical items to slay a dragon and save the princess.
Dress people up as different people in the party.

You go to different dungeons.

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